Get Started Guide

We are glad to see you in the Elfsight Affiliate Program! For a quick and visual guide on how to start, please feel free to watch our Getting Started video tutorial on YouTube:

 Or follow the steps from this article

Step 1. Get your affiliate tracking link

In case you haven't signed up for our Affiliate Program yet, here's a link -

After you submit your application and receive a confirmation email, sign in to your affiliate dashboard -

Then, get your personal link - a unique URL that identifies you as an affiliate and tracks any sales.

To find your affiliate tracking link:

  1. Scroll your dashboard homepage all the way down till you see the (3) Standard Offer button and click on it.
  2. You will be forwarded to the Offers page where you can copy your link.

Step 2. Download our ready-to-use promo material

We have designed creative visual materials so that you don't have to do that yourself. Attract attention and persuade your potential customers to subscribe for Elfsight apps with:

  1. Promotional banners
  2. Widgets logos and glyphs
  3. Video showcases
  4. Text templates
  5. Seasonal sales material
You can download these from our Google Drive. The full list of all promo materials is included in this article. Feel free to use them to attract more sales.

Step 3. Share the link with your audience

Here are some proven ideas and strategies that you can start with: 

  1. Share Elfsight widgets with your followers on social media (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
    Create a post or record a short video talking about Elfsight widgets and how they help deal with daily website tasks.
  2. Write articles about Elfsight widgets
    Outline top widgets or create ‘How-to’ tutorials, telling about the easiest way to integrate reviews, chats, sliders, and other website components.
  3. Promote Elfsight on your YouTube channel
    Add your affiliate link to the description of your already published video tutorials, or create how-to tutorials about Elfsight specifically. Learn this tactic from the interview with our affiliate Marek Kamenicky.
  4. Help users on popular thematic forums about website design.
    Think of Squarespace, Webflow, BigCommerce, Shopify and other forums and communities. Our affiliate Tuan is adept at helping others, he shared his story here.
  5. Tell about Elfsight widgets on your podcast, live streams or educational courses
    Teach your audience how they can benefit using our widgets: how to engage more users, increase sales, or boost company trust. Check the podcast created by our affiliate Eric. 
  6. Share Elfsight apps to your friends and colleagues. 

To earn 30% commissions for your referred sales, always use your affiliate tracking link! Otherwise, we can't track this conversion and you won't get paid.

What should I do next?

Congratulations, you can now earn substantial income with the Elfsight Affiliate Program 🥳

Consider the following recommendations to earn more with our Program:

We really hope this article gives you a hand during the launch phase. Good luck with affiliate sales and let's make some 💰! 

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