Promo materials

We have prepared a range of available banners, logos, video content and landing pages for you to attract more sales:

Watch our video for a demonstration:

Widget Catalog (iFrame) for Affiliate Website

A Widget catalog is a page that presents a collection of all 80+ Elfsight apps. You can add the catalog to your website and let your audience browse and choose as many widgets as they need for solving their website tasks.
Learn more in the Widgets Catalog article.

If you have difficulties with adding iFrame, you can create a page with Apps logos and glyphs with your affiliate links - 📁Widget Catalog Icons

Widget Builders (iFrame) for Affiliate Websites 

We've added an opportunity to use our widget builders for your affiliate needs. Your audience can create and buy widgets right on your website without even noticing an affiliate link. Check the Full tutorial here or use these easy steps to add a widget builder to your affiliate website:

SDK (Apps catalog, Widget demos, App cards) 

Also, we'd love to offer  Elfsight Embed SDK includes a set of components you can integrate in your interface to let your users work with Elfsight widgets directly from your page, plus to enjoy your affiliate commissions. 
Check about our SDK here


Unlike the homepage of, landing pages have a singular focus on a specific widget, website builder, industry, etc. If you're interested in learning more about landing pages, check this article.


Elfsight offers a variety of banner ads in different sizes and formats in English. You can find them all in the 📁All Elfsight banners.

  • Elfsight logos and glyphs
    A few high-quality logos and glyphs in the brand's distinctive colors.
  • Elfsight apps logos
    There are logos and glyphs to list Elfsight apps like a catalog on your website. 
  • TOP widgets
    There you'll find banners for Elfsight's best-selling products, such as YouTube Gallery, Instagram Feed, and Google Reviews, and more. You can use tracking links from the "Landings" section to refer your audience directly to a specific Elfsight app.
  • Elfsight general banners
    Use these banners to direct your referrals to the company's homepage.
  • All Apps Pack
    There are banners advertising the "All Apps Pack" subscription, which provides access to all 80+ widgets through a single subscription, offering a complete solution for website tasks.


Our coupons are available in two types: evergreen (lifetime) and seasonal (valid only during the promotion period). We inform our affiliates about upcoming seasonal campaigns and coupons via email or on our Telegram chat

To boost sales, you can request an evergreen or seasonal 25% discount coupon for the first purchase. Simply let your affiliate manager know your company or deal name, such as WebDesign25 or SummerSale25.

Video content

We offer sample YouTube videos that you may use to add as a part of your own video - 📁Video samples. Plus, we've got some great tips and examples on how to promote Elfsight on your channel:

Do you need custom promo materials? Let us know! 

If you haven't found creatives to promote Elfsight from the article above, don't worry! We're here to help. Contact Elfsight affiliate team and let us know how we can assist you in your promotion efforts. We're excited to help you succeed as an Elfsight affiliate!

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