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What is a widget catalog?

Watch this demonstration in the video format:

Our widget catalog is a page that presents all 80+ Elfsight apps - https://elfsight.com/widgets/

You can add this widget catalog via iFrame to your website, so users will easily find all essential widgets from Elfsight collection for their own needs. Each time your visitor buys via the Elfsight catalog, you'll get 30% commission for this purchase.

How to add the apps catalog?

A widget catalog could be added via iFrame, just follow the steps below:

Login to your affiliate dashboard  and navigate to Tracking Link

Go to Offers → Available → Get Links:

Insert /widgets-catalog/ to Deep Link field

Please ensure you have Default in the Landings list, so the link will display the catalog. 

Copy the link you generated:
Paste your link to the iFrame code:
Don't forget to change the width and height parameters according to your page space requirements. 
<iframe width="100%" height="100%" src="YOUR LINK" frameborder="0"></iframe><br>

Have a question?

We'll be more than happy to assist you, just contact Affiliate team. Always ready to help! 

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