How to set up your withdrawal method?

In this article, we'll discuss the payout process for the Elfsight Affiliate Program, including payment schedules, thresholds, and methods.

Commissions and Schedule

Affiliates earn 30% recurring commission for all transactions (renewals and upgrades) made within 360 days after their referrals' sign-up. 

Elfsight sends commissions to affiliates monthly. For example, if you earned commissions in January, you will receive payment for those commissions in February. Payments are processed within the first two weeks of the month and are usually made between the 1st and 10th of the month.

Please note that all conversions have initially status "Hold" for 20 days due to Elfsight's 14-day refund policy before they become "Approved" and count towards your payout invoice.

Payment Threshold

The payment threshold is $50. This means that you need to earn at least $50 in commissions before you're eligible for payment. Once you reach this threshold, your payment will be automatically processed for the following month.

Payment Methods

Elfsight distributes affiliate commissions via Tipalti, a payment solution integrated into our affiliate dashboard. You can choose any method to receive your commissions: PayPal, Wire, eCheck or Local bank transfer. 

How to add your payment details?

Follow the instructions provided in the video tutorial:

Or follow the steps:


Log in to your Affise account


Go to Settings
Click your partner id number and select "Settings":


Open Tipalti form 
Choose Tipalti and click Specify Payment Details: 


Insert your contact details
Add your first and last name, your address, and phone number:


Choose Payment method
Select your withdrawal method and USD as currency. Tipalti will display all available transfer methods for your country. 

Please note that Tipalti charges transaction fees, so choose the withdrawal method that suits you best:

The default withdrawal threshold is $50, the default currency is USD. If you'd like to modify these parameters, don't hesitate to contact your personal affiliate assistant at [email protected].

Click "Next" to send your completed form to Tipalti
No other actions required. Your details will be re-verified by Tipalti when they send your first affiliate commissions. If any questions occur, Tipalti support team will email you. 

Have a question?

In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact Affiliate team. We'll be more than happy to help you with payout settings! 

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