How to Use Landings Pages to Earn More?

In this article, we'll explore the various types of landing pages and how to use them effectively:

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are pages that  have a single focus (a specific Elfsight widget, integration type, CMS, industry).

Rather than using your default affiliate link to direct your audience to the Elfsight homepage, you can refer them to landing pages that showcase specific Elfsight widgets or offer tailored solutions for their website builder type or industry. With landings, you can better target your audience and improve your conversion rates.

Types of Elfsight landings

We have created a range of landing pages that allow you to tell about core features of the Elfsight widgets, help your audience to choose widgets for their CMS or website builder, or provide them with a variety of pre-made templates. 

  • Product pages
    These pages provide information about a particular Elfsight widget, its features, and how it can help you with certain website tasks. See the example - In your affiliate dashboard, you can access pre-generated links for the product pages of Elfsight's top apps: Go to Offers → Available → Get Links → Landings.
  • Platform pages
    These are catalog pages created for the specific CMS or website builder queries (e.g. Squarespace plugins by Elfsight). To select a required CMS, search through Platforms List -
  • Industry pages
    These pages are designed to help users create websites for popular industries: teaching, photography, beauty industry, etc., like How to Build a Restaurant website? Here's a list of industries pages - Industries Pages.
  • Template pages
    These pages are created as a set of well-designed templates for an Elfsight widget. It's a great idea to refer your users to this page if they need to find a ready-made forms for their website -

How to generate links to landings?

To generate a link to the landing page, use the Deep Link function. Go to a required landing page of the Elfsight website and copy a part of the URL, alias. For example, if you'd like to refer users to, add /online-form-builder/templates/ to the Deep Link field. Don't use the entire URL to the Deep link field, the link will be incorrect.  

Contact Us

We'll be happy to help if you have any extra questions about landing pages. Also, we're planning to add more landings and other creatives for our affiliates, so if you have any ideas or requests, feel free to contact Affiliate team. 😊

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