How to track which link converts better? (Adding Sub-Ids)

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What are Sub-Ids for the Affiliate link?

Sub-ids fields are custom fields where you can add UTM parameters to your affiliate tracking links. It helps you specify where you're publishing the link, which Elfsight widget it refers or any other data you'd like to see in the statistics. You can add up to 8 Sub-ids to any affiliate link.

Sub-Ids will make your performance reports more detailed. Thanks to them, you can analyze data more effectively – which links or campaigns are performing well and which ones need improvement.

How to add Sub-Ids to your link?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your affiliate dashboard: Offers → Available → Get Links 
  2. In the Sub-Ids specify traffic sources, campaigns, widget pages, or content elements in the Sub-Ids.

Add keywords, similar to UTM parameters, to track which links generate more sign-ups and sales. This will help optimize your marketing strategies for a better ROI.

Our example:

We'd like to add these parameters to track which Elfsight widget pages bring more affiliate revenue to us. We selected Age-Verification widget page and added the following parameters: 

  • Sub-Id 1: age-verification (widget name)
  • Sub-Id 2: blog article (our promotional method)
  • Sub-Id 3: cta (content element, where we publish our affiliate link)

Then will do the same for another widget pages, e.g., a webpage about Google Reviews, Instagram feed and more. 

If you're unsure about how to create affiliate links to the specific Elfsight widget pages, take a look at this article

Where to check my statistics about Sub-Ids?

The best way to analyze, and optimize your affiliate marketing efforts is checking your Conversions report. Analyze your statistics online, in the affiliate dashboard, or click to export to download csv. file.

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