How to become an Elfsight affiliate?

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What is an Elfsight affiliate program?

Elfsight is a leading SaaS company that develops coding-free website widgets with rich integration capabilities and amazing UX. We offer a high rewarding program for affiliates, so don't miss this opportunity!

💰 Here's how it works: simply share your unique tracking link with your friends, users, or followers. For every person who signs up using your link and makes a purchase, you'll earn a commission.

Who can become an affiliate?

Elfsight Affiliate program welcomes everyone with a passion for SaaS services and website development: web designers/developers, YouTube authors, business consultants and coaches of marketing/development courses, bloggers, and others. Even if your business isn't related to the web, you can still become an affiliate and join the program. Just contact us and tell us about yourself!  😉

How much do I get paid?

You'll receive 30% recurring commissions on any transactions your referrals make to Elfsight within 360 days. You can calculate your future income, using the affiliate calculator

How to create an account in the Elfsight affiliate program?

Our affiliate program works via Affise tracking platform to provide you with the detailed performance statistics, and other handy features for you to optimize your affiliate campaigns to earn maximum with Elfsight. This guide will walk you through the steps to get started:

Create an Affise account
Fill in the required information and click on the "Create Account" button:

Verify your affiliate account
Check your inbox to verify your account and login into Affise via the link in the confirmation email: 

Get your affiliate link
To do this, log into your Affise account and navigate to the "Offers" section to find the Elfsight offer. Click on the offer to get your affiliate link, which you can use to promote Elfsight widgets on your website or other marketing channels. Check the full tutorial here.  


Set up your withdrawal method
Elfsight distributes affiliate commissions via Tipalti, a payment solution integrated with Affise. To get your payouts, you need to add your PayPal or bank account details to the Tipalti iframe. This article will help you to set up your withdrawal method correctly. 

Congratulations, you're all set up now! 🎉 Welcome to the Elfsight affiliate family! 

✅ Checklist for your easy start 

To help you maximize your earnings, we have prepared a checklist of essential things to do before you start:

  1. Read program terms
    So your conversions won't be rejected by our anti-fraud tool.
  2. Learn about your commissions and withdrawal fees
    Set up a payment method to ensure you get paid.  
  3. Find your tracking links
    Copy your link and create deep links to boost sales and make your campaign even more successful. 
  4. Join our affiliate community on Telegram
    Engage with fellow affiliates, and take advantage of exclusive deals.
  5. Say "Hi" to your affiliate assistant on LinkedIn
    We are pleased to personally welcome you to the program! 🤗

Have a question?

We are excited to welcome you to the program and look forward to supporting your success as an Elfsight affiliate. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact Affiliate team. We’re always here to help you!

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