How to create an affiliate account?

Click 'Create a Paddle account' in your Elfsight dashboard
Submit Paddle form:

Website → Your website, if you don't have any, please insert your social media channel, blog post, etc. 
Company Name → Your company name, or if you don't have any, insert your own name. E.g. "Affiliate Kate Smith"
Country of Headquarters → Choose your country from the dropdown
Company Address → If you're an individual, insert your own address. The same is for a zip code:
Company Registration Number → Submit if only you own a company.

If you see a 403 error page instead of the Paddle signup form, contact us at [email protected] 
Check your inbox and log into your Paddle account:

Right after you apply to join the affiliate program, you will receive two emails from Paddle Customer Support. Find your password in the "Your Paddle Account Password" email and log into your account:


Copy your Paddle ID from the Authentication tab:


Insert your Paddle ID:


Copy your affiliate link and share:
To learn how to use affiliate links, check the article

Have a question?

In case of any questions about Paddle, please learn this article - About Paddle. If you face any difficulties during the application process, or you need any advice on how to start affiliating, don't hesitate to contact [email protected], your affiliate account manager will be happy to help! 

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