How to create a Paddle account?

Click 'Create a Paddle account' in your Elfsight dashboard

Scroll down, find a Paddle form and complete it
The form will be accepted if you complete it with the following:

First Name
Last Name
 → Your Email

Website → Your website, if you don't have any, please insert your social media channel or 
Company Name → Your company name, or if you don't have any, insert your own name. E.g. "Affiliate Kate Smith"
Country of Headquarters → Your Country
Address → Your address

Click the 'Submit Form' button
Your application will be reviewed within 1-2 working days by the Paddle team. Then, you will get two emails from Paddle. Please log in to your Paddle dashboard, using the password from the Password email.

Welcome email: Your Paddle account password email: 

Log in to your Paddle dashboard 
Check out this article to find your Paddle Id and activate your affiliate account.    

Paddle Team might contact you to verify your Paddle account. Read this article to learn more about the verification process.  If the approval or verification processes take more time than stated or if you have any other questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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