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What promo materials are available?

We have prepared a range of available banners, logos and video content. Also, feel free to make a custom request for:

  • SEO promotion (landing pages, content)
  • YouTube broadcasting
  • social sharing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and etc.)
  • email marketing
  • and any other type of advertising campaign you have in mind

📁 Find all promo materials here

Don't forget! Your ref link must be added to all ads, otherwise, we won't be able to track and pay for all purchases made after a click on these ads. 

Banners and logos

Widget banners and logos with your affiliate link are a perfect choice for any affiliate campaign. You can choose a banner of the required size and theme in 200+ collection:

  • Logo and glyphs
  • TOP widgets (banners for Elfsight bestsellers - YouTube Gallery, Instagram Feed, Google Reviews and etc.)
  • Elfsight general banners
  • All Apps Pack subscription

📁All banners and logos here

If you don't find a suitable banner or logo among the available materials, just contact us at [email protected] specifying the content (widget, sale/deal name, etc.), size requirements, and file type (jpeg, png, etc.) 


You can also request coupons, using your company or deal name, e.g. Web20 or SummerSale15. Coupons can be ever-green (lifetime) or seasonal (valid only for the deal period). We usually notify our affiliates about upcoming seasonal campaigns and coupons via email or at the following channels - Facebook Affiliate Page and Telegram Channel.

Video content

You can find sample YouTube affiliate videos that you may use in recording your own one. Here are also some popular ideas for YouTube promotion:

  • Review one Elfsight widgets, its main features and design
  • Create a Tutorial video, e.g. "How to add Slider on a website?"
  • Mention Elfsight in your Top product or Comparison video

📁Video samples here

Widget builder (iFrame)

You can add a fully functional builder of any Elfsight widgets, (e.g. Instagram widget). Using it, your audience will be able to create and buy widgets without even noticing a referral link, and most importantly, without leaving your website.
Add a widget builder to your blog

Widget catalog (iFrame or SDK)

Our widget catalog is a page that presents all 80+ Elfsight widgets. Users may easily find as many as they need for their website tasks. The widget catalog is fully functional, responsive and fits any website space requirements.
Create widget builder


We'll be happy to provide you with SDK ads, including widget catalog, builder, app cards or widget buttons.
Explore SDK for affiliates

Contact us

If you'd like to submit a custom ad request or if you have extra questions regarding promo materials, message us at [email protected]

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