Affiliate commissions: terms and payouts

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1. How much can I earn?

You'll get a recurring 30% share of all subscriptions your referrals make for as long as they remain Elfsight users. 
The cookie lifetime is not limited.

This is the current pricing for most of the single app subscriptions:  This is the pricing for All Apps Pack subscriptions: As an Elfsight affiliate, you will receive 30% of any transactions made by referred users: 

  • $$$ for an active annual subscription - once a year
  • $$$  for an active monthly subscription - each month
  • $$$ for any other transactions, like subscription upgrades, purchase of another subscription, additional views purchase and etc. 

Also, we need to inform you, that the total sum of the transaction may differ from the price, mentioned on the website. In most cases, it happens, because the referred user has applied a discount coupon. In this case, your affiliate commission will be calculated from the exact amount your customer paid. For example, if a customer wants to subscribe for the annual Enterprise subscription ($360) and he applies 20% welcome coupon, he/she pays only $288. Your commission will be calculated from this sum. 

You already know, that in our program, all payouts are automatic and processed by Paddle, Paddle handles taxes, VAT and currency exchange, for this it takes 1.5 -2.5% (depends on sum of transaction) from the subscription sum from both sides - Elfsight and an affiliate account. It helps to prevent you from paying fees for the withdrawal, as you don't need to pay any other fees while withdrawal. 

2. Where do I receive my funds?

All Elfsight Affiliate payouts are based on Paddle technology. That means you must have a Paddle account to receive your affiliate payouts. 

3. Is there a pending period?

No, there's not.
Affiliate payouts in our program are processed to affiliates immediately after the referral transaction is completed. Your split is sent to your Paddle account immediately.

Please pay attention that by the Elfsight refund policy users can refund 100% of the subscription price within 14 days. So, in the case of a refund of the referral funds, your affiliate split would be taken from your Paddle balance.

4. Where can I check my earnings?

You can check all information about your earnings in the following dashboards:

  • Elfsight affiliate dashboardEarnings tab

  • Paddle dashboard

5. How can I withdraw my funds?

The withdrawal is automatic, all you need is to set up all your settings on this page - All you have to do is to choose your country, name, date of birth and the preferable method for the withdrawal - PayPal, Payoneer or bank account. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $100, the funds will be automatically sent to your account after you reach the threshold. There won't be any commission fees from Paddle for the withdrawal. 

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In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact Affiliate team. We'll be happy to help you out!

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