Where to find my affiliate link?

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What is an affiliate link?

Your affiliate link includes your unique ref parameter, that way we can track every new customer you refer and split all client's transactions between your and Elfsight accounts. When promoting Elfsight widgets, always use your unique affiliate link to ensure you receive commissions for new customers you bring to Elfsight.

Where to find my referral link?

You can always find your link and other promo tools (banners, widget catalog, widget demos) in your Elfsight dashboard. Here's a step-by-step instruction: 

Log in to your Elfsight account


Go to the 'Affiliates' in the left sidebar and select the 'Referral Link' tab

This tab cannot be displayed until you enter your Paddle ID and activate your account If you still don't have a Paddle account, please follow the steps in this article.

Copy your referral link:
Place the referral link on your website article, social media posts or give it to your client to make a purchase.
If you're a web developer or a reseller, please have a look at this article
Watch the video tutorial -   How to use your affiliate link?
This video was created by our affiliate Dirk, it might help you learn how to generate affiliate links.

How to create a ref link for a custom Elfsight page?

It happens that you need to direct traffic not to the home page (https://elfsight.com) but to the widget catalog page ( https://elfsight.com/widgets/) or product pages (e.g. https://elfsight.com/facebook-feed-widget/). In this cse: 

Copy the URL you'd like to send traffic 
Paste the URL to the link generator field. Click 'Generate'
Done! Copy your custom ref link and add it to your website or blog.

How to add a ref link to banners?

Go to the  Banners  folder
Choose the required file and download it to your device

Publish the banner or logo using your ref link. This is an example of the HTML code:
<a href='https://elfsight.com/?ref=YOUR_REF_ID'> <img src='http://YOUR_WEBSITE.com/images/image_NAME'/> </a><br><br>
Don't forget to add a ref link to banners or any other promo materials.
Without a ref link, the purchase cannot be tracked by our system, which means you don't get your funds. Please use a ref link each time you post content promoting Elfsight or referring a new customer.

Have a question?

If you still have any questions regarding your ref links, contact Affiliate team. We’re always here to help you!

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