How to become an Elfsight affiliate?

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Benefits of being an Elfsight affiliate

  • 30% lifetime recurring commission
    Get paid for as long as your referral remains an Elfsight customer.
  • High conversion and customer LTV
    Great tool = great income. Calculate your future revenue →
  • Automatic payouts
    Your commission sent immediately after the purchase.
  • Top-rated SaaS service on G2
    Amazing support, great product, affordable pricing and easy settings.  Explore our G2 awards →
  • Promote widgets you love!
    Add a revenue stream while recommending Elfsight! Check monthly earnings of our affiliates →

Who can become an affiliate?

Elfsight Affiliate program welcomes everyone to join and become a partner, including: web designers/developers, ecommerce specialists, business consultants and authors of marketing/development courses, SaaS-resellers, YouTube authors, content creators, bloggers and influencers with a passion for SaaS services and website development. 

However, if your site or business is not related to anything web, this doesn't mean that you can't become our affiliate.  Everyone is very welcome to join our affiliate program! 😉

How to sign up for the Elfsight affiliate program?


Create an Elfsight account or log in to your Elfsight account:

Go to the Affiliates tab in the left sidebar and click "Create Paddle account" or insert your existing Paddle ID:

We can't process affiliate payouts without your Paddle ID. Our affiliate program is based on the split Paddle payouts: your affiliate commissions are sent immediately after the referred purchase to your Paddle account. If you still don't have a Paddle account, or you'd like to learn more about Paddle, please have a look at this article - How to create a Paddle account?
Congrats! You're an Elfsight affiliate!
Please have one more look at the program rules. They're pretty simple and common for most affiliate programs.
Then learn how to find your affiliate link and explore all the high-converting promo materials to save time and money on marketing content creation.

Have a question?

If you still have any other questions regarding the sign-up process or affiliate program, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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