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What is Paddle? Why do I need Paddle ID to be an Elfsight affiliate? 

Paddle is an all-in-one payment infrastructure to handle all financial tasks - checkout, subscriptions, taxes, invoicing and affiliate commissions. Paddle is the London-based company since 2012, it is serving over 3,000 SaaS brands across 245 countries and territories, there are Resume.io, Framer, Tailwind Labs, Renderforest, MacPaw, ThemePunch, Laravel and many other companies. In 2021 Paddle was among UK Technology Fast 50 - Deloitte winners and in 2022 Paddle reaches unicorn status with $200,000,000 series D round investments. If you'd like to learn more about Paddle and how it helps sellers to manage their financial services and protect companies from fraud, visit this page.

We enjoy our integration with Paddle, as it helps Elfsight with all subscriptions, taxes and affiliate commission split. Thanks to this, in our in-house affiliate program: 

  • Your commission is immediately sent to your Paddle account right after the referred purchase. Everything is automated, that's why there's no pending period, withdrawal requests or delays.
  • You can set up an automatic withdrawal to PayPal, Payoneer or your bank account.

That's why in order to create an Elfsight affiliate account and receive affiliate commission, you need to create a Paddle account and connect it to your Elfsight affiliate account, inserting your Paddle ID. Let's do this in a few easy steps:

How to create a Paddle account?

Click 'Create a Paddle account' in your Elfsight dashboard:

Submit the Paddle application form:

Website → Your website, if you don't have any, please insert your social media channel, blog post, etc. 
Company Name → Your company name, or if you don't have any, insert your own name. E.g. "Affiliate Kate Smith"
Country of Headquarters → Choose your country from the dropdown
Company Address → If you're an individual, insert your own address. The same is for a zip code:
Company Registration Number → Submit if only you own a company.

It came to our notice that some affiliates encounter the issue, where a 403 error page is displayed instead of the Paddle signup form. If the Paddle form isn't available for you due to the issue, please fill out this Google form or just contact your affiliate account manager at [email protected]

Check your inbox and log into your Paddle account:

Right after you apply to join the affiliate program, you will receive two emails from Paddle Customer Support. Find your password in the "Your Paddle Account Password" email and log into your account:

Shortly after, you will receive a "Welcome to Paddle" email from Paddle Customer Support <[email protected]>.
It is a standard welcome email, usually sent to all Paddle accounts, that's whyit contains information about basic settings, service features and pricing. Please ignore this information, unless you'll use Paddle for your own business purposes. All Elfsight affiliates use Paddle account for free.
As for the verification (underlined paragraph), Elfsight affiliates also have to verify their accounts and perform the KYC check (Know Your Customer), as Paddle is a financial UK-based company. As affiliates, there's no need to go through the domain check. The verification process takes about 5 minutes and it's completely automatic and safe. To learn more about the verification check and how it will be performed, please learn this article


Copy your Paddle ID from the Authentication tab:


Insert this Paddle ID to your Elfsight affiliate account to access your affiliate links


Copy your affiliate link and share:
To learn how to use affiliate links, check the article

How to verify my Paddle account?

After signing up in the Paddle dashboard, Paddle Verification Team can e-mail you to verify your account:

Paddle is based in the UK, so they have to conduct KYC (Know Your Customer) checks on the individuals and companies with which they do business. It's called Account Verification. To verify your Paddle account, please read this article or contact the Paddle Verification team at [email protected]

Have a question?

If there are any questions regarding the Paddle ID or the sign-up process, just contact us via live chat or at [email protected]. We'll be happy to carry you through!

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