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What is Paddle? 

Paddle is a robust revenue delivery platform that helps Elfsight handle all of its subscriptions and affiliate payouts:

  • you get your commission immediately after the transaction is confirmed
  • withdrawal after $100 to PayPal, Payoneer or your bank account
  • all Paddle features for your own business

How to create a Paddle account?

Click 'Create a Paddle account' in your Elfsight dashboard:
Complete the Paddle form according to the following tips:

First Name
Last Name
Email → Your Email
Website → Your website, if you don't have any, please insert elfsight.com
Company Name → Your company name, or if you don't have any, insert your own name. E.g. "Affiliate Kate Smith"
Country of Headquarters → Your Country
Address → Your address

It came to our notice that some affiliates encounter the issue, where a 403 error page is displayed instead of the Paddle signup form. If the Paddle form isn't available for you due to the issue, please fill out this Google form or just contact us at [email protected] 
Click the 'Submit Form' button Your application will be reviewed within 1-2 working days by the Paddle team. Then, you will receive a welcome letter from the Paddle team, that your account has been successfully created.

A welcome e-mail from Seller Support <[email protected]>: An e-mail with your password from Seller Support <[email protected]>

Your affiliate account is technically a seller account in Paddle, so you can use it for your business as well. If you're not interested in any extra features your Paddle account may have, you can use it only for withdrawing your affiliate's commissions. 

Where to find my Paddle ID?

Login to your Paddle dashboard and find your Paddle ID at the top of the Authentication page.

How to activate my affiliate account?

Copy your Paddle ID and insert it into a blank Paddle ID field on this page

How to verify my Paddle account?

After signing up in the Paddle dashboard, Paddle Verification Team can e-mail you to verify your account. 

Why does Paddle need to verify my account?
Paddle is based in the UK, so they have to conduct KYC (Know Your Customer) checks on the individuals and companies with which they do business. It's called Account Verification. To verify your Paddle account, please read this article or contact the Paddle Verification team at [email protected]

Have a question?

If there are any questions regarding the Paddle ID or the sign-up process, just contact us via live chat or at [email protected]. We'll be happy to carry you through!

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