Coupons and Deals for Elfsight Affiliate program

In this article, you can get more details about the coupons available on our affiliate program and some details on managing them in your dashboard

What coupons are available in the program?

We understand that managing an affiliate campaign isn't as simple as it might sound. To help you easily increase the conversion rate, we add different types of coupons available within the program. 

Ever-green coupons

At the moment you can find these coupons in your dashboard:

  • Coupon $10 off
  • Discount Coupon 

These coupons are not time-limited which means you can use place/post them, without worrying about time limits. 

Seasonal coupons

We usually have these marketing campaigns during the year:

  • Elfsight Birthday Sale 50% (13.06 - 20.06)
  • Black Friday (last week of November)
  • Christmas Sale (a week before Christmas Day) Seasonal coupons are usually limited and have start and end dates, so they're only available during the exact campaign. Please make sure you will replace or delete them after the campaign finishes. 

Custom Coupon

These coupons will be created by your custom request and can contain your brand or company name. To get this coupon, please submit a request via your dashboard or just contact us at [email protected].
Perfect! Using coupons may help you earn more without many efforts, as they do not only offer immediate value for the customers but also are really high-converting. To explore more types of marketing materials available in the Elfsight Affiliate Program, please check this article.

Contact us

Do you have any extra questions about managing coupons in the Elfsight affiliate campaign? Feel free to contact us at [email protected], we'll be delighted to assist you!

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