How to use Elfsight widget builder as a promo creative

We care about the success of your advertising campaign, so we've made it fairly simple to use our online widget builders as promo materials for this purpose. Now your audience can create and purchase widgets even without leaving your website. 

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What is a widget builder?

A widget builder or widget demo is a tool where our customers can enjoy the process of widget creation and make a purchase decision. According to our statistics, demo pages convert the hugest part of our website traffic and engage users like nothing else.

Here's an example of the embedded online widget builder YouTube Gallery. It's just an example, the builder is fully functional, responsive and perfectly fits any website requirements. The full version of the online widget builder you can check here -

As a promo material for your Elfsight advertising campaign, an online widget builder will be fully functional as well. All your customers will be able to create a widget and register an account on Elfsight, not leaving your website or blog.

Also, once these visitors sign up for the Elfsight program, they'll become your referral clients and you will get 30% of all their transactions to Elfsight within all cookie lifetime, including all subscription updates.

So don't miss the opportunity to gain more, using widget builders along with the simple referral links.

How to use this ad via my Impact dashboard?

We have already added Elfsight top products, so they will definitely attract your referral users' attention. Here are few steps on how to use our free website builders to convert more purchases.

1. Log in to your Impact dashboard and go to your Ads & Links tab

2. Choose the required widget builder from the ads below

To find widget builder ads in the listing view much quicker, just enter its label - " widget builder" in the search box above. If you don't find the app you'd like to use as a promo creative among the available ones, just contact us at [email protected] . 

3. Click Get code and choose from HTML or iFrame formats

4. Paste and insert this code to your website page
Don't forget to change the width and height parameters according to your space requirements. 

5. Save the changes and check this ad on your site
Everything's ready! However, if some difficulties occur, you can always contact us at [email protected].

Also, if there are some issues with the Impact ad code, you can always try the "just in case" plan, using our Elfsight source links. Check it in the next part of this article. ↓

How to use this ad via Elfsight source links?

It's easier to get ad code via the Impact dashboard, however, if the Impact HTML format doesn't match the requirements of your admin panel, you can generate referral links, using the Elfsight source links of the widget builders. Here are the steps on how to do it:

1. Go to your Impact dashboard and copy the source link.

Here are the source links of the top widget builders. Choose the one you want to have on your website: 

2. Paste the source link to the Enter a Landing Page field and click Create:

3. Copy the referral link and go to your website admin panel

Add it to the required place of your web page, using iFrame format, e.g. (it's an example code!) <iframe width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" src="//"></iframe>. You can edit height and width parameters according to the website space requirements.

4.  Save the page and check the widget builder on your page:

Ready! This is an example of how the widget builder will look on the website. Now you can get a 30% revenue share of all widgets your clients create and purchase. Also, don't miss out and check this guide to use our widget catalog page as well. 

Contact us

We hope that now you can easily use our online widget builder to get maximum revenue without any effort. However, if you have any other questions about services for affiliates, best practices to use our promo assets or any other details, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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