Tracking your stats: overview and performance reports

This article will describe what types of reports you can create in your affiliate dashboard and how you can manage them. Let’s start!

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Where can I see my reports?

As an Elfsight affiliate, you have 24/7 access to your reports in the dashboard. All tracking analytics is powered by Impact technology to guarantee transparent statistics and detailed performance of your advertising campaign. 

You can find all reports in the drop-down list of the top nav menu:

Also, you can add/delete the reports to the dropdown list to make them convenient and easy to find. To do it, please go to the All Reports section and choose all required reports to check your affiliate campaign performance. 

Customize & save reports

You can easily manage your reports: set up a graph view, select table columns and save the widget view for later use.

1. Customize the report view to perform any sort of analysis you need:

  • Select a specified date range and apply other filters β†’ choose date period via the calendar, change other filters and click πŸ”[Search button];
  • Select the Graph type β†’ click the graph type (a line graph, a bar graph, a square pie) and select a way to present the data.
  • Click the Columns button β†’ find it in the upper right corner of the table and select which columns you want to hide or show. 

Also, by dragging column borders or column header you can change the column width or reorder columns to make it easier for you to navigate the data statistics.

2. Save the changes to your report to review your custom reports later. Thus, you don't have to apply the same changes every time you want to check this report next time.

  • Click the Save button to save your custom view of the report;
  • Name β†’ add a descriptive title of your custom view for this report;
  • Default β†’ you can choose the Default option if you need this saved view as the default view of the report in your dropdown of the Report tab (top nav menu). 
  • Pubilc β†’ you can select whether you need this report available for other users of your affiliate account.
  • Save your custom report view

It doesn't matter whether you added this report to the Default option or not, you can always see it under Reports β†’ Saved Reports. Here you will be able to manage the list of your saved reports: 

Click the name of the required report you need to view or manage:

To manage/edit the report, click the Dropdown button near the title and choose the required action - Edit, Delete, or Clear (clear the reports from the default setting of your top nav menu):

If you make any changes to your saved report, you can select Update (save your updated view of the report), or use the Save as (create a new saved report with this particular view).

Overview and performance reports

The Overview report displays a wide range of tracking data and condensed reports, like your Trend, CategoryPerformance by Day and Top Promo Codes reports:
Here's the description of the values presented in the report: 

  • Top Brands β†’ If you're not an affiliate for any other partner programs on Impact, you will see only statistics about your Elfsight advertising campaign.
  • Top Categories β†’ See the kinds of products your audience is buying from Elfsight categories.
  • Top Promo Codes β†’ View the promo codes your audience is using the most. 
  • Performance by Day β†’ See the results of your advertising campaign by day.
  • Performance by Month β†’ See the results of your advertising campaign by month. (Don't forget to choose the date period longer than a month in Step 1).
  • Performance by Referring Domain β†’ View where your referral users are usually coming from when they make a purchase you drove.

    Not all of your customers may have a referring domain. This likely means they went directly to the Elfsight website and purchased the widget instead of, for example, clicking on an ad you are hosting.
  • Performance by Referral Type β†’ View stats about the actions you referrals make (like purchases, resubscription, etc.).
You can check Performance reports in the separate graph view if you click on the clickable title or choosing from the top nav menu. 

How to download or schedule my reports?

You can share your reports by downloading them (a PDF, Excel, CSV file) or by scheduling to send them to the required emails.

To download a report:
  1. Click Download πŸ“₯ in the top right corner;
  2. Select the required file type from the drop-down list.

To schedule a report:

  1.  Click Schedule βœ‰οΈ in the top right corner; 
  2. Set the settings of the report - Frequency, File format, Delivery Method;
  3. Select Schedule or Send.

Нou can find Scheduled reports at the top nav menu, where you can manage them - change delivery settings, report content, or send a report right at the moment. 

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We hope that now you can easily manage your reports and evaluate your advertising performance. However, if you have any other questions about reports or any other details you need to know about your affiliate account, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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