How to submit an ad request?

In this guide, you’ll get to know how to submit an ad request to our Content & Designers team. 

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What ad types can I request?

You can count on us if you need any extra promo materials or a custom solution for your advertising campaign. Here are the types of high-converting ads that we'd be happy to offer you:

  • Online widget builder
    You can add an interactive widget builder of any Elfsight app from our collection. It will be fully functional, and your referral users will be able to register an account and choose one of the Elfsight subscription plans right from this builder on your page. Top 15 widgets are already available on the platform and you can check them here
  • Catalog page with all 80+ Elfsight widgets
    Our SDK integration allows you to add our entire widgets catalog directly to your web page. Here's where you will find instructions on implementing this integration and here's what the result will look like - It’s a really popular case among our affiliates as all customers who come from this catalog page on your website will be counted as your referrals. 
  • Video content
    By your request, we’ll provide you with promo or tutorial videos or any other kinds of creatives you need for your video broadcasting.
  • A newsletter or social media content;
    We’ll be happy to help you with our brand design and content materials, like guides, blog articles, social media banners, and posts. 

Haven’t found the exact kind of brand materials you need? Just submit it and if it’s possible please add the example of the ad you need to use. Our Affiliate Team will do their best to complete this request and provide you with all the essential things for your success in our affiliate program.

How to submit an ad request on my dashboard?

If you need to request an ad, it’s easier to do it through your affiliate dashboard - where it will be seen by our team automatically and you’ll be able to check the status of completing your request in real-time. 
To submit an ad request, follow the simple instructions below: 

  1. At the top navigation bar click Ads and select Ad Request from the drop-down menu:
  2.  There’s a short request form to fill in. In the Brand Details section, choose Elfsight and No Deal Selected in the Deal section:  Here’s a section where you can view all the ads you requested and submit the new ones. To request an ad click Request New Ad and choose the ad type from the drop-down list:
  3.  There’s a short request form to fill in. In the Brand Details section, choose Elfsight and No Deal Selected in the Deal section:
  4. In the General section add all details of your ad request:
  5. Press Submit button to send the request:
  6. You have successfully sent your request to our partner team. We'll let you know the status of your request soon.

How to submit an ad request to be completed faster:

Please provide as many details as possible - comments, required size, examples, language of the ad. This will greatly simplify and speed up the process of fulfilling your request.

Each ad request type has unique quantities. Please see the table below with the information you can add to specify your request:

  1. Banner → Specify banner size from the dropdown, measured in pixels. If you can't find the size you need, select Other and then use the Comments section to specify your request.
  2. Flexi ad → Use this type to request our widget builder or widgets catalog page. Please, don’t forget to specify the widget name for the widget builder request.
  3. Email content → Choose between HTML or Image contents. Specify if you need text content and the language to use for it.
  4. Rich Media → Select type from .swf or .xap formats. Please attach examples of the rich media ads you need the Elfsight add to be familiar with.
  5. Long/Sponsored Text and Text links, Content → Mention the purpose\traffic channels and characters limit for the text.
  6. Coupon → Please mention all the details we need to know about your coupon ad.
  7. Video → Select the type from .mp4 or .flv. If you need just screenshots or any other kind of content, use Content type for this request.
  8. Social Media Post ad → Submit the post caption, post URL (if available), and attach post content (images in PNG, JPEG, GIF, JPG file formats). Or just mention your requirements for the post and we’ll create the image and text content at your request.

If you need to create an ad for a specific URL or Elfsight widget type, be sure to include the URL or widget name in the Comments section.

How to check the status of my request?

If you've requested an ad, you can always check your request's status in the Ad Requests section on your dashboard. Once an ad request has been submitted, your personal manager will be notified and can begin processing the request.
In the Ad Requests section, you can see the status of your request and can manage the ads that had been completed by our specialists:

  • Open → The request is awaiting our team’s approval;
  • Approved → It has been forwarded to the specialists - our designers, developers or content team;
  • Completed → It has been created and uploaded to your dashboard.

Also, you will be notified about your request status on the right side menu, so you won’t miss any changes:

If your ad request is pending for quite a long time or you have any other questions, feel free to contact us directly to discuss it at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to assist!

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