How to manage my ads?

This is a quick guide on where to find your marketing assets and how to use them in your Elfsight ad campaign. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions:

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What kind of promo materials do I have?

To save your time and money on content creation, we have already created for you the most popular marketing materials such as banners, text links and coupons, interactive widget builders, and 80+ Elfsight widget catalogs.

However, by your custom request, we can also provide you with:

  • video content;
  • newsletters banners and content;
  • any other kind of ads to promote Elfsight.

If you need any ad type from the list above, feel free to make a custom request. To do it, please follow the steps described in this article.

Where to find my ads & links in the dashboard?

You can find the most commonly used marketing materials - banners, text links and coupons on the home screen of your dashboard. Use Search bar and Ad Type filters to search for the required promo material:

Or manage them at the Ads&Links in Ads tab (the top menu bar). Here you’ll be able to manage the ads available to you and retrieve ad code that already has tracking capabilities built-in:

Tips for a quick ad search in your dashboard

All the necessary promo materials have already been uploaded to your dashboard. There’s no need to download them - all brand materials stored on our servers. The only thing you’ll have to do is to quickly find and use them for your marketing campaigns. Here are a few ways to speed up this process:

  1. Use Ad Type filter to find the exact type of promo materials you need - banners, text links or coupons and press 🔍 to apply the filter. Only the required ad type will be displayed.
  2. Select + to see additional filters. For Elfsight promo materials collection, we recommend using Banner size (as all our banners are represented in the 12 most popular ad sizes). Here’s how to set the filter:
  3. Use the Search bar to enter the name or label of the banner: 

To save your time we have downloaded and labeled the different groups of Elfsight banners. You can enter the following labels to make the search easier. Just enter the name or label of the required banner type and press Enter button.

“general” →  for banners and text links for “80+ Elfsight widgets” catalog page;
“social media posts” →  for banners used for Twitter, Facebook or any other social media;
“pack” or “all apps pack” →  for banners to promote All Apps Pack subscription plans;

Or insert the widget names - we also add banner assets of these top-seller widgets. 

  • Age Verification; 
  • All-in-One Chat; 
  • All-in-One Reviews; 
  • Countdown Timer; 
  • Event Calendar
  • Facebook Feed
  • Form Builder
  • Google Reviews
  • Instagram Feed
  • Popup
  • Social Feed
  • Testimonials Slider
  • WhatsApp Chat
  • YouTube Gallery

If you haven’t found the required size or widget type in our banner list, don’t hesitate to request it. We’ll be happy to design everything you need to succeed in our affiliate program. 

It’s so easy to get and manage your tracking links in your dashboard. To do it, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select Get code under the Actions column;
  2. To use the banner, just choose HTML or iFrame code and click Copy to clipboard;
  3. Paste the code into the required place of your website or blog.

 Your unique Partner ID is already embedded in the code so you can be credited for hosting the ad. If you need just a tracking link, you can also find it here, in the popup window.

Also, we provide you with an option of deep linking. Just select Customize code to add optional Sub IDs, a Shared ID, or specify the destination URL for the required ad.

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Thanks for reading this guide and if you still have any questions regarding ads and other promo materials, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We’re always here to help you!

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