The Affiliate Fee: program terms and earnings

In this brief guide, you will learn all about your revenue and your contract terms in the Elfsight Affiliate program. Let’s get started!

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How much can I earn?

Your affiliate revenue is 30% of your referral's subscription plan. When a user clicks on your referral link - all their transactions within 400 days cookie lifetime will be referred to you. That means you will get revenue from all referral purchases, including other Elfsight widgets and the renewal of the subscription plans.

Let's say that your referred customer has made a yearly Basiс plan subscription. This subscription is $60 per year, so your fee from this transaction will be $18. If the user resubscribes, you'll also get your $18 revenue.

This is the pricing for the annual subscription plans for Elfsight widgets:

You can always check the up-to-date pricing for all Elfsight subscription plans on this page.

Where can I see all my earnings?

All data about your revenue and advertising campaign performance is displayed in your personal dashboard, powered by Impact technology. Now everything is transparent, convenient and clear:

  • check your balance 24/7, updated in real-time;
  • get paid to your credit card, PayPal or bank account;
  • set up an auto-pay option and withdraw money from $10.

This is the Finance Widget, where you can find your earnings stats right from the home page view:

It offers a detailed view of:

  • Available balance is the funds that are ready to be transferred to your bank (or PayPal) account right now. Under it, you can see the amount of your Last Payment.
  • Upcoming shows two amounts:
    Tracked but not approved - money for your recently tracked actions, which are still waiting for approval due to the Elfsight refund policy;
    Approved but not due - money that's already locked but is waiting for a payout.
  • Overdue shows money due to you that we haven't paid out yet, but will processes it to you soon. 

These values are updated when you sign in to your dashboard and then refreshed approximately every 30 minutes.

In your contract document, you can see the  Payout Scheduling time period - once this has passed we will move all money to your Available balance.

Also, right after you sign up for the program, you can see the message Setup Autopay - that means you haven't added your bank or PayPal account information yet. If you haven't set up your finance account yet, this article might help you.

What is a monthly earnings report?

You can always check your earnings statistics details in your dashboard. To find them, click the Balance in the right top menu and choose Earnings in the dropdown:

In this report, you can check how much you earn month-to-month, the amount you can withdraw, the taxes details and many more:

Cash Overview section

The Cash Overview section displays almost the same parameters which you can see at your Finance Widget on the home screen of the dashboard.

Please check the descriptions for the values in the Cash overview report:

  • Available Balance ⟶ The funds can be withdrawn based on your payment scheduling. 
  • Overdue Transfers ⟶ The bonuses are owed to your account but haven't transferred yet.
  • Pending Action Earnings ⟶ These are pending funds based on the Elfsight refund policy. 
  • Overdue Action Earnings ⟶ Funds that are owed to your account based on locked actions, but have not transferred yet.
  • Upcoming Transfers ⟶ These are upcoming pending bonuses.

Monthly Report section

The Monthly Report section displays information about all the earnings month-to-month. Here's the description of the values presented in the report:

  • Other Earnings ⟶ Any earnings based on actions: bonus payments, make good payments, minimum EPC, IO slotting fees, etc.
  • Invoiced ⟶ Amount based on actions that have been invoiced for the month.
  • Funded by Adv ⟶ The funds due that have been funded by Elfsight for an action event/locking month.
  • Percentage (%) Withdrawn ⟶ The percentage of funds that have been withdrawn for action event/locking month.
  • Withdrawn ⟶ The funds you have withdrawn.
  • Action Earnings ⟶ All action earnings for that month.

How to save my financial reports?

You can save your financial reports automatically (schedule the reports to be sent) or simply download the report in PDF, Excel or CSV format. To do it, click the settings in the upper right corner:

  1. Scheduled reports

To configure the sending of reports on a schedule, just click on the Mail button and select the following parameters: frequency, format, delivery method for your report and insert the email list. Also, you can add a subject and email body for your automatic scheduled report. 

2. Download reports
Click the Download button and choose the required report format:

Contact us

We hope that now you can easily check and manage your earnings or save your financial reports. However, if you have any other questions about contact terms, your revenue or any other details you need to know, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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