How much can I earn?

[email protected] In this article, we'll explore the commission structure and earning potentials in the Elfsight affiliate program:

Commission rate

You'll get a recurring 30% share for all transactions (renewals and upgrades) your referrals make for 360 days after their sign-up. The cookie lifetime is 60 days, that means, your tracking id is stored in user's cookies after a click for 60 days.

To calculate your future commissions, use our Affiliate Calculator. 🙂

Elfsight Subscription Plans 

This is the current pricing for most of the single app subscriptions:  This is the pricing for All Apps Pack subscriptions: Here are new Enterprise plans: 

You can check all the subscription plans on the Pricing page

If a coupon applied

If a referred user has applied a discount coupon, the total sum of your commission will be calculated from the exact amount your customer paid. For example, if a customer wants to subscribe for the annual Enterprise subscription ($360) and he applies 20% welcome coupon, he/she pays only $288. Your commission will be calculated from this sum.

Have a question?

In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact Affiliate team. We'll be more than happy to help you with payout settings!  [email protected]

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