How to get Free Access to all Elfsight widgets?

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What is Free Access for affiliates?

We do encourage our affiliates to try out our widgets before spreading the word about them. That's why you're granted to get free access to the All Apps Basic Pack (all 80+ Elfsight widgets) and create as much content as you need to review all the strongest points of the Elfsight widgets for your audience.

Use of the All Apps Basic Pack is strictly limited to affiliates, which means you must not use Elfsight widgets for personal use, resell or install on your website for your own business purposes. Free access to all Elfsight widgets is provided to you to explore all the powerful features of Elfsight widgets and create compelling content to promote them.

How to get free access to the All Apps Basic Pack plan? 

To get one free month of All Apps Basic Pack, you need:

  1. Activate your affiliate account with Paddle ID if you have not done this yet.
  2. Join our new Telegram chat for affiliates.
  3. Complete out an affiliate profile form - the most common questions about your promotional method, website URL, etc. 

Then we'll reply to you back and send you a coupon with an $18 discount. You can prolong your free access to the All Apps Basic Pack if you refer at least 5 paying customers to Elfsight in a month. Please check these terms in the table below: 

Tiers Terms (per month) Free Access
Tier 1 activated account + an affiliate profile form 1 month
Tier 2
min 5 paying referrals + a feedback form 1 year
Tier 3 100 paying referrals upgrade to Pro Pack 
Tier 4 1,000 paying referrals upgrade to Enterprise

How to activate my free All Apps Basic Pack plan?

  1. Find an email 'Free Access to All Elfsight Widgets 🎉' from <[email protected]> with your one-time $18 discount coupon.
    Copy the Coupon code.
  2. Go to All Apps tab in the Elfsight dashboard and select the monthly All Apps Basic Pack plan:
  3. Insert your details to complete the "purchase":
    With a 100% coupon, you won't actually be charged for this subscription, however, you need to go through the entire subscription process. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience, we are already working on making this entire flow easier.
  4. Click Add Coupon and insert the coupon code you got via email:
  5. Enter your card or PayPal details and click Subscribe Now to finish the subscription process :Your subscription is active! To prevent you from being charged $18 next month, you can stop the subscription.

How to stop the subscription?

Please cancel your subscription in advance, this will prevent you from being charged after a free month. To do it, go to the Billing tab and cancel your subscription in advance. All Apps Basic plan will be still active during the current month so you will be able to enjoy creating any Elfsight widgets to review and promote to your audience.

How can I extend my free subscription?

Just be proactive! The more sales you refer, the longer you can use our widgets for free. If you'd like to extend your free subscription for All Apps Basic Pack, just contact [email protected] or fill this form, and we'll be happy to assist you. 

What happens if I haven't referred any clients?

Your All Apps Basic Pack plan will be canceled. However, if it happens you need to have a few weeks more of your free access to the Elfsight widgets (to finish your tests, content creation), you're very welcome to contact your Elfsight account manager and describe your needs.

Have a question?

In case of any questions, don't hesitate to reach us at [email protected]

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